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Creations by Joseph is a small, innovative business in Eastern Oregon owned and operating by Gerard Joseph and Lori LaBrecque. Gerard Joseph is the artist and craftsman who lovingly salvages dead or downed Western Juniper trees and turns them into works of art, while Lori acts as the business manager, accountant, and "whatever else needs to be done" person. The couple have lived in Eastern Oregon for the past

Gerard Joseph LaBrecque was born in Brockton , Massachusetts and spent the first six years of his life in Randolph , Massachusetts . At that time, his father made the decision to return to active military service. This meant that Gerard spent the next twelve years of his life traveling the world as his father pursued his military career. In 1968 Gerard found himself in Oregon and enrolled in Oregon State University to further his education. But soon, the waters of Alaska began to call, and Gerard spent the next 32 years fishing commercially in the Alaskan waters. Finally, in 1993 he moved to Burns, Oregon to retire and step outside of society a bit. With this step began a love of the land and the wood that grew on it, especially the western juniper found in the area near Burns. 1995 saw Gerard starting “Creations by Joseph,” an abstract art business which primarily uses juniper wood. Some creations use juniper posts and poles, while others use antlers to move the creations ‘skyward.' His art business expanded Gerard's interest in western juniper, and he now uses juniper in many aspects of business – juniper wood for lumber, especially flooring, juniper berries for incense, juniper boughs for decoration, and distilled juniper for essential oils. Gerard sees his business ventures as his efforts to let the beauty of juniper present its story to the world. Our products include lumber from unusual Eastern Oregon.woods, Western Juniper boughs, berries, and essential oil, and a variety of artistic creations utilitizing primarily Western Juniper. We supply and install Western Juniper wood flooring, build exquisite Western Juniper mantles, and even use Western Juniper for wainscotting, fireplace mantles, pillars and support beams, and even for staircases. We also build fireplaces and other stone peices using stream stone and high desert flat rock. And, if that was not enough, we produce rustic fencing out of Western Juniper.

Gerard and Lori at a show

Gerard at work


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